August 21, 2021 | by Eriс

Afghanistan Banana Stand

For those who didn’t recognize the origin of the title for this essay – we borrowed it from Donald’s Westlake “Hot Rock” novel (1970). Once pronounced, the phrase was meant to have hypnotic effect upon someone in his story.

Well, we are hypnotized, reading about and watching what takes place in the land far away, where savages took over the entire country in a matter of days, to instill their unyielding religious dogmas and bloody regime upon millions of people. Our military have fought a 20-year war in Afghanistan, to prevent that from becoming a reality. They were supposed to slowly and successfully withdraw from Afghanistan, under the plan developed by the previous Trump administration, turning over controls to the country’s army they trained and the contractors, to run the place securely – but always with U.S. support and backing – that’s what keeps the wolves at bay. But our current fake president Biden has simply dropped the ball over the entire affair. Was it done intentionally?


June 26, 2021 | by Eriс

Freedom to Choose

“Thinking is not allowed in a totalitarian state”
Candace Owens tweet, @RealCandaceO, May 27, 2021

Life is an unending stream of choices one makes. When you are young, your parents choose your clothing, toys and the school you will be going to. When you grow up, the choices you make are about your future occupation and that “significant other” in your life. And so it goes, non-stop. The selections one makes lead to better places, better company and finances – or down the wrong path, where daily survival – not living – will be your “modus operandi”.

These days one of the most important personal picks an individual can make is to decide for or against the COVID vaccination. On the surface it’s simple. Everyone and his brother are telling you to get “a stab”. Get vaccinated, so you live and don’t die, don’t infect others; so you can travel, shop, date, eat out, visit friends, go to concerts, stop wearing mask and prove you are an upstanding citizen that you are. Everyone is telling you it is your duty; that vaccine is safe; it is free and readily available; we need herd immunity that comes with numbers. Just do it and forget it.

So why are there so many people who shy away from this long-awaited “FREE and SAFE” opportunity to leave the worries behind; to enjoy life as before and do their civic duty?


June 18, 2021 | by Eriс

Betting on the Wrong Horse. Part II

Continued. Read Part I here.

Over the ages Jews have been forced to move out of countries where they lived. It happened when the places they lived in had become considerably less friendly and they had to exit, fearing for their lives. They were never the accepted ones, only tolerated and used, by various monarchs and potentates. The Jewish people were impacted by the political changes taking countries to the extreme left or extreme right – which is more or less the same if you think about it. Jews have learned to live within just about any society, with almost any neighbors. But when they begin to leave en masse, it is an indication of trouble brewing within the lands they depart from. It so happens that when Jews begin to leave the countries of their ancestry and move to Israel, it is a litmus test for the local scenes. It’s not the sheer numbers of Jews moving that tell the story its the percentages. America is home to over six million Jewish people. Here, the crimes of hate are prosecuted to the full extent of the law; we have many safeguards against racial and religious intolerance. Between the years 2000-2010 only 15,000 people moved to Israel. But over 32,000 Israel-bound people left America in the subsequent ten years. These numbers are tiny, 0.2% and 0.4% of the total U.S. population, respectively. Yet it is a two-fold increase and we don’t yet know what it means. They may be retirees, families seeking desired environment for their kids or those who sense the danger in the air. With things going the way they are in our country, this unlikely emigration is bound to go up. Most everyone is trying to get to live here, so seeing the movement in the opposite direction is disturbing.


June 16, 2021 | by Eriс

Betting on the Wrong Horse. Part I

“There is no continuity in American life. We reinvent ourselves every twenty years or so.”
This is an interesting, out-of-context (and debatable) thought by John Thorn, historian.

We aren’t experts on Judaism in America and don’t pretend to understand every process going on in this country as pertaining to that part of our population. This is very complex, emotional issue covered by many authors, much more versed in the finer details of the subject than we can ever be. But what is happening to and with six million of our citizens is very important. It serves as a glowing indicator as where we, as society, are going. It also tells us why the choices American Jews make, as individuals affect their lives and the future of this country. After every analysis is complete and every fine detail is addressed, what really matters is the current political vector’s bearing.

Oh, where do we begin?


June 1, 2021 | by Eriс

The Oafs and Buffoons

New York City has many problems. Some are the result of poor management, bad decisions and very bad politicking. Our openly socialist mayor Bill de Blasio has just added another, to the ever-growing roster of progressive initiatives aimed at destroying history of this country and the city. All in the name of “racial justice and reconciliation”. It is even called “New York City Racial Justice Commission”, brought about with a single purpose, namely “targeting and dismantling structural and institutional racism” around this town.

Goodbye, good old New York harmony and peace. There comes a body that will seek out causes for outrage, strife and accusations; for American history revision leading to condemnation, erasure, renaming, removal and destruction of the names and monuments they find offensive within the City proper. In time, other tasks may be assigned to the Commission. They are just beginning this pseudo-important voyage of “righting the wrong” under the extremely dubious reconciliation umbrella.


May 20, 2021 | by Eriс

Closed Circuit News

Have you noticed? At the time when news media around us is full of dummy stories about race tensions, woke crap and leftist initiatives, we begin to live in our own news universes? Those of us who choose not to open the pages of NY Times, Washington Post and other, leftist propaganda-infused publications; those of us who forgo Fox, CNN, ABC and other news channels, we begin developing our own closed spaces of information that make sense of the world around us.

They want us to read “their” news only. News is valuable product, pushed onto us by Big Tech. It reflects views of those who write and edit, but also select top headlines; news to be included in Yahoo, Google, Facebook and others. This is what flashes in our gadgets, pop-ups in ads, leads us to articles on major news publishers’ sites.

It’s all very smooth, thought-out and convenient; a constant digital diet relating to politics, economics, sports, entertainment and health. If you don’t read one section, you read another. It has always been this way. We don’t much think about this world around us. They expediently bring it to our consumption. Someone else, but not you, puts together this menu. We need not have to do anything, not even think.



May 17, 2021 | by Eriс

White and Black

It looks like this interesting text might have been originally written in Russian and translated into English. We received it from someone who reads this website. The original author – one Mr. Yuri Kolker, a Russian poet; born in the USSR back in 1946, now living in London. We looked him up online. You can find his short bio here. We never heard of him, but the subjects he addresses are directly linked to what is taking place in America. In our view this is highly thought-provoking, sharp and extremely politically incorrect perspective on the world gone mad with ‘racism’ and ‘anti-racism’.



May 12, 2021 | by Eriс

The Other Side of Covid. Part II

Read Part I here.

The political implications are vast. Governments everywhere, by definition, are “suppression machines”. Some are more benign that others. But the nature of every government is to rule by intimidation, force, by limiting our freedoms and setting new rules given the opportunity. Covid opened those gates of opportunity wide. “Observe the curfew” took place in NYC early in pandemic. “Wear a mask”, “wear two at a time” or “wear three”. “Wear a mask at home”. “Wear a mask even if you’ve been vaccinated”. Sounds familiar? “Stay home. It’s for your own good”. “Don’t congregate even in private”. Obtain a “24-hour permit” to visit a doctor or go to buy food. Major fines if you don’t comply. We heard some of this is going on in Europe. Fortunately, most of the USA was spared this craziness for now, but who’s to say it cannot happen here?

Given a chance to implement and enforce new laws, governments are very reluctant to let go of the new powers. This is their nature. Repealing new rules and regulations down the road can be very hard. They stay on the books and can be used against us anytime. Some states and their governors begin to realize what is going on. They are asserting state powers in the attempt to resist uncontrolled central authority coming into their jurisdictions, by enacting state laws to protect its citizens against Washington virus dictate. It is too early in the game; many “red states” are yet to realize ”what a friend we have in Biden” and his administration. But it is going in that direction, slowly but surely.


May 5, 2021 | by Eriс

The Other Side of Covid. Part I

In the “Modern Doctor Faust, a.k.a. Doctor Fauci, et al.” essay we addressed medical and touched upon some political issues surrounding the Covid virus.

There are many other facets of pandemics that affect our lives, no matter where we live. Beside medical, these are economical, political, bioresearch and industrial implications. But also psychological, ethical and interpersonal dimensions we all have to live with. Some are local and others are global. Each one is a major subject and we cannot possibly cover them all in-depth. We’ll try to give you a vivid overview instead.

Life had slowed down considerably and became more expensive. That goes for products we buy, services we use and the food we purchase or consume in restaurants. There has to be an explanation for all of it somewhere. Our guess is that there had been major disruptions in various supply chains. Companies, large and small, have been impacted by inability of suppliers to deliver on time.


April 26, 2021 | by Eriс

Modern Doctor Faust, a.k.a. Doctor Fauci, et al

We have been living under medical and political duress for over a year now. There are many opinions and commentators out there talking about the virus and its impacts, so we generally refrained from writing about it. But this latest PR escapade is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Pfizer CEO, one Mr. Albert Bourla, have spoken at last about how they see our future: “A likely scenario is that there will likely be a need for a third dose somewhere between six and 12 months [after the initial vaccination] and from there, there will be an annual revaccination.”